Computer (Basic & Indesign)


Computer Class

The era of digitalism basically started with the invention of computer. Since then, our society has been experiencing remarkable growth in technology by getting benefited from digital products including PCs, laptops, mobile phones, cameras etc. As a matter of fact, everything started with computer, therefore the knowledge of computer is much important than any other thing along with spiritual practice. Students, belonging to different fields of life, must have the knowledge of computer because its use is required in every area. Whether you become a Khenpo or as a supporting staff you’ll always need computer knowledge unless you decide to go for solitary retreat or mountain retreat. We’re living in digital age and every task gets done in digital manner is more standard and easy. We can even give teaching on Dharma through  the digital platform. 

TDTTBU has fully equipped computer labs with about 30 desktop computers. They can access the cpu lab at any time regardless of holidays and Sunday. The students are taught with basic and indesign knowledge, which in times seen benefiting when they go back to their monastery to serve. The university certify the certificate at the completion of the class which can be  use officially when needed.