Main Temple (Tsugla Khang)


                                         Main Temple or Tsuglakhang

Tsuglag Khang or the main temple is built by 4th Desi Tenzin Rabgye in the 2,567th year after Buddha passed into nirvana. It was commenced in earth snake year of 12th Rabjung (sixty year cycle) which coincides with the AD 1689. Phajo Drugom Shigpo was 41 years old. It was believed to have built by the men during the day time and at night by devils, spirits who were then subdued. Thus this 12 sided main temple with three storied central tower comparable to the abode of Guru Rinpoche and outer wall comprising of monk’s hostel in full grandeur was amazingly built within two months. Since central tower is been under restoration, all the important and sacred relics of the top and second floor are been shifted to the next building or MP hall for the public blessing.  

Top floor

Top floor of the central tower is the abode of Dharmakaya Amitayu. To the right, inside the personal chamber of Gyalsay Tenzin Rabgay, the sacred objects include the statues of the great Kagyu masters, statues of successive Je Khenpos and the wall paintings. On the left side is the holy embalmed body of the 65th Jekhenpo, His late Holiness Yeshey Singay and the statue of Je Jampel Gyatsho.

Second floor

Second floor is the abode four handed Sambhogakaya Avalokitesvara and the statues of Arya Manjushri and Saraswati. On the right side is the Guru Lhakhang with a speaking clay statue of Guru Rinpoche as the main sacred object and the wonderful wall painting of Guru Rinpoche in various forms, based on a supplication titled, “Spontaneously Accomplishing Wishes.”  In the left is the Palace of Kubera with the god of wealth as the main sacred object. The statue of Guru with the power to prevent armed conflicts; the statue of glorious Tachog Rolpa; the holy wall painting depicting the deities reflected in the confessional prayer and the twenty one Taras can be seen.

Ground floor


Ground floor is the Paradise of Nirmanakaya, the main sacred objects are the statues of Buddha of the past, present and future. On the left and the right are the statues of the eight close disciples of Buddha. Then there are amazing second Buddha Ugyen Guru Rinpoche, footprints of Jetsuen Tenzinma, Jetsuenma’s steed and that of her cow and the calf. Sacred hidden treasure in the form of a tiger headed key extracted from Phajoding Thukjaydrak , stone foxglove flower, holy vase made of gold/copper alloy and the statue of one thousand  and two Budhhas can be seen. To the left is the holy chamber housing the protecting deity etc, which are very inspiring and grand.  Main sacred object include Mahakala, Mahakali and Karma Mahakala and many other wish fulfilling sacred objects. It is considered most sacred among the chamber housing tutelary protecting deity.